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  7. Sperm . . .

    Women’s Health recently published what it says are some facts about sperm:

    • The first moment of ejaculation contains the highest concentration of sperm, says board-certified urologist Dr. Harry Fisch, clinical professor of reproductive medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.
    • Sperm typically stays in your body for 48 hours after sex, however, “it can hang around for as long as five days to a week,” depending on how “friendly” your cervical mucus is, says Fisch. Interestingly, cervical mucus protects sperm and helps it stay longer in the body around ovulation, when you’re most fertile.
    • Sperm either have the X or Y chromosome, but their chances of making it don’t differ, says Fisch. The idea that one type is more resilient or swims faster than the other is just a myth.
    • Temperature can lower sperm count according to Dr. Fisch. “Sperm count tends to be lowest in summer months and highest in winter months,” he said, because exposure to heat lessens sperm count.
    • And finally, lots of masturbation or sex won’t lower his sperm count. Reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Carrie Wambach, from Southern California Reproductive Center in Los Angeles said frequent ejaculation may lower the volume mostly due to less seminal fluid being involved with each subsequent ejaculation if they occur within a condensed time period. But if he generally has a normal sperm count frequent ejaculations won’t have much of an impact on the amount of sperm.

    So guys, there’s kind of a “fast pass” to more sex, self induced or otherwise! ! !

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